69th SIF National Congress

Italian Physiological Society

Florence, Italy • 19-21 September 2018

Florence, Italy
19-21 September 2018

Florence, Italy
19-21 September 2018

Preliminary Programme

  • Wednesday, 19 September

    Location: Aula Magna Hall of the University main building




    Pre-Symposium • The limits of human performance

    Chair: Guido Ferretti (Brescia, Italy)

    Andrea ZIGNOLI (Trento & Verona, Italy)
    Cycling: covering 60 km in 1 hr

    Jostein HALLÉN (Oslo, Norway)
    Skiing: performing the 50 km race in 100 min

    Guido FERRETTI (Brescia, Italy)
    Long distance running: running the marathon in 2 hr

    Pietro Enrico di PRAMPERO (Udine, Italy)
    Sprint running: running the 100 m dash in 9.5 sec

    General discussion


    Council of physiology professors


    Opening Ceremony


    Opening Lecture

    Marco NARICI (Padua, Italy)
    Muscle plasticity in use, disuse and ageing


    Welcome cocktail     [Courtyard of the University main building]


    Concert     [Sala Vanni – Basilica del Carmine]

  • Thursday, 20 September

    Location: Convitto della Calza


    Parallel Sessions

    Symposium 1 • The orexin/hypocretin system: a key for a healthy life     [Sala Pontevecchio]

    Chair: Chiara Berteotti (Bologna, Italy)

    Chiara BERTEOTTI (Bologna, Italy)
    Role of orexin signalling in physiological regulation: a lesson from narcoleptic mice

    Christian FRANCESCHINI (Parma, Italy)
    The psychological and psychosocial profile of Narcolepsy type 1: young and adult patients

    Marta PACE (Genoa, Italy)
    The orexin system in animal models of Prader-Willi syndrome

    Claudio LIGUORI (Rome, Italy)
    Orexins and neurodegeneration


    Symposium 2 • Glial plasticity     [Sala Pitti]

    Chair: Cristina Limatola (Rome, Italy)

    Richard M. RANSOHOFF
    The homeostatic roles of microglial cells and the recent approaches to the in vivo study of these cells

    Cristina LIMATOLA (Rome, Italy)
    The plasticity of microglia and the functional implication for brain function

    Alexej VERKHRATHSKY (Mancester, UK)
    The astrocyte-neuron connection through adrenergic stimulation

    Fiorenzo CONTI (Ancona, Italy)
    The astrocyte-neuronal communication as mechanism to regulate network excitability and synaptic transmission


    Workshop 1 • Neurobiology and neurophysiology I     [Sala Bargello]


    Coffee break     [Courtyard]


    Parallel Sessions

    Symposium 3 • New frontiers in cardiovascular physiology and protection. SIRC patronage
    [Sala Pontevecchio]

    Chair: Teresa Pasqua (Cosenza, Italy)

    Carmine ROCCA (Cosenza, Italy)
    The emerging cardiac function of Selenoprotein T-derived peptide SelT43-52: from physiological to pathophysiological implications

    Saveria FEMMINÒ (Turin, Italy)
    Roles of extracellular vesicles in cardiovascular protection: bearers of good news

    Josè Manuel PIONER (Florence, Italy)
    Novel approaches for mechanistic studies on genetic cardiomyopathies using hiPSC-cardiomyocytes

    Andrea GERBINO (Bari, Italy)
    Cardiomyopathy caused by lamin A/C gene mutations: why the functional characterization at cellular level is crucial?

    Francesco MOCCIA (Pavia, Italy)
    Intracellular Ca2+ signaling in endothelial progenitor cells: a useful tool to promote cardiac revascularization


    Symposium 4 • Physiology of smell     [Sala Pitti]

    Chair: Angela Corcelli (Bari, Italy)

    Claudio GRASSI (Rome, Italy)

    Michele DIBATTISTA (Bari, Italy)

    Thomas HUMMEL (Dresda, Germany)

    Mattias ALENIUS (Umeå, Sweden)


    Workshop 2 • Cell physiology I     [Sala Bargello]


    Presidential Lecture     [Sala Pontevecchio]

    Pieter de TOMBE (Chicago, IL, USA & London, UK)
    Frank-Starling law of the heart: molecular mechanisms


    Lunch and poster discussion      [Courtyard]


    Parallel Sessions

    Symposium 5 • Role of autophagy in health and disease     [Sala Pontevecchio]

    Chair: Anna Fassio (Genoa, Italy)

    Andrea BECCHETTI (Milan, Italy)
    Herg potassium channel and autophagy

    Kevin LUTHY (Leuven, Belgium)
    Roles of extracellular vesicles in cardiovascular protection: bearers of good news

    Filippo ACCONCIA (Rome, Italy)
    The impact of autophagy in the regulation of E2-dependent control of ERα intracellular levels

    Anna FASSIO (Genoa, Italy)
    Autophagy and excitatory synapses: is there a role for v-ATPase?


    Organizer Symposium • Dual filament regulation of striated muscle: structure, function and malfunction     [Sala Pitti]

    Chair: Pieter de TOMBE (Chicago, IL, USA & London, UK)

    Luca FUSI (London, UK)
    Thin- and Thick-filament based mechanisms for the dynamic regulation of contraction in skeletal and heart muscle

    Cecilia FERRANTINI (Florence, Italy)
    Thin filament proteins and HCM mutations

    Vincenzo LOMBARDI (Florence, Italy)
    Thick Filament Mechano-Sensing in Skeletal and Cardiac Muscles: a common mechanism able to adapt the energetic cost of the contraction to the task

    Leonardo NOGARA (Padua, Italy)
    Disrupting the Super Relaxed State of Myosin to fight obesity and diabetes


    Workshop 3 • Metabolism, nutrition and system physiology     [Sala Bargello]


    Coffee break     [Courtyard]


    Museum visit

  • Friday, 21 September

    Location: Convitto della Calza


    Parallel Sessions

    Satellite Symposium • Advanced optical methods for morpho-functional investigations
    [Sala Pontevecchio]

    Chair: Leonardo Sacconi (Florence, Italy)

    Anna Letizia Allegra MASCARO (Florence, Italy)
    Shining a light on brain functionality after stroke

    Leonardo SACCONI (Florence, Italy)
    Optical dissection of cardiac electrophysiology: from single cell to whole heart

    Emilia ENTCHEVA (Washington DC, USA)
    Cardiac applications of optogenetics

    Marco MONGILLO (Padua, Italy)
    Optical interrogation of sympathetic nervous system in the heart

    Pasquale BIANCO (Florence, Italy)
    Force clamp in optical tweezers: a tool to study the structural dynamics of motors and filaments


    Workshop 4 • Neurobiology and neurophysiology II     [Sala Pitti]


    Workshop 5 • Physiology of motor system and exercise     [Sala Bargello]


    Coffee break      [Courtyard]


    Parallel Sessions

    Symposium 6 • The good, the bad, and the ugly of reactive oxygen species: new insights from exercise, aging, and disease     [Sala Pontevecchio]

    Chair: Massimo Venturelli (Verona, Italy)

    Russell S. RICHARDSON
    ROS and the vasculature: implications for antioxidant and exercise treatment

    Federico SCHENA (Verona, Italy)
    The source of ROS during exercise: the mild mitochondrial uncoupling phenomena

    Carlo REGGIANI (Padua, Italy)
    Mutual interplay between calcium and ROS in skeletal muscle fibers

    Massimo VENTURELLI (Verona, Italy)
    The impact of physical activity and oxidative stress on accelerated senescence


    Workshop 6 • Cell physiology II     [Sala Pitti]


    Workshop 7 • TBD     [Sala Bargello]


    Lunch and poster discussion      [Courtyard]


    “Best Poster” pitch contest     [Sala Pontevecchio]


    Fabio Ruzzier Lecture     [TBD]


    SIF general assembly


    Social dinner and concert     [Palazzo Borghese]